Felis Hungarica
Magyar Macskások Egyesülete

Result list 1-2. april 2023 Budapest, Campona

Felis Hungarica - 2023.04.06

Dear exhibitors and visitors!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in organizing our international cat show on April 1-2, 2023! Thank you for all the selfless help! Thank you for allowing us to spend a wonderful weekend together, where exhibitors from 11 countries presented their most beautiful cats! We thank the visitors for honoring us with their presence! We especially thank KRKA Hungary for its support, without which this exhibition would not have been possible.

- results list 01 april 2023 saturday (pdf)
- results list 02 april 2023 sunday (pdf)
- catalogue (pdf)


Felis Hungarica photos:

Szentes Gerzson photos:


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