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Pedigree rule

Felis Hungarica - 2015.11.04

Felis Hungarica registers only the pedigrees issued by WCC member Hungarian associations immediatly. Cats with a non-WCC pedigree will be registered without inspection in case of their ancestors are VERIFIED to belong to that breed or have FIFe titles or FIFe control judgments.

Registration of pedigrees issued by a non-WCC association is subject to individual assessment. See also the relevant section of the breeding rules. If you have any questions, please ask for our help. Organizations affiliated with the World Cat Congress:

Pedigrees and registered pedigrees will be issued within 6 (six) weeks after payment. The litter anouncement and the application for the registration of the pedigree are considered received only after the payment has been received to the account of the association.

LO register: Tarsoly Anikó
Post adress: Felis Hungarica H-9632 Sajtoskál, Ady Endre u. 26.
E-mail: pedigree@felishungarica.eu

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The service fees must be paid to the bank account of the association at the same time as the application.

IBAN HU07 1030 0002 1049 0617 0001 4881     

Transfer from abroad:

Felis Hungarica 
IBAN HU07 1030 0002 1049 0617 0001 4881
MKB Bank

We ask all breeders and kitten lovers to buy only kittens from Hungary with international pedigree with the intention of breeding! TICA and CFA have central registration. These pedigrees are only given from the U.S. center to cats registered at that organizations. Each association / organization strictly prohibits the use of its logo or registered trademark on other forms.

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