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Felis Hungarica - FIFe international catshow 11-12 december, Budapest, China Mart

Felis Hungarica - 2021.08.20

Felis Hungarica - FIFe international catshow Budapest
11-12 december 2021


Dear Exhibitors!

As of today (30 november 2021), indoor events are allowed, but we don’t know if that will be the case on December 11-12.
Taking into account the strict covid measures of the neighbour countries, the closures and the situation in Hungary, Felis Hungarica has made the difficult but perhaps the only responsible decision to cancel the exhibition in Budapest on 11-12 December.
We thank the exhibitors for their entries and apologize to the visitors who know they were just as much looking forward to the event as we, the cats.
We look forward to seeing you at our exhibitions next year!
Next show: 9-10 april 2022 Budapest

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