Felis Hungarica
Magyar Macskások Egyesülete

Result list 30 september - 1 october 2023 Gyor

Catshows - 2023.10.06

Felis Hungarica - FIFe
International Catshow
30 september - 1 october 2023 Győr, Monár Vid Sporthall

Judges invited:
Ms. Mira Fonsén (FI) - all breeds
Mrs. Thea Friškovec-Keller (CH) - all breeds
Mr. Eric Reijers (CZ) - all breeds
Mr. Alexey Shchukin (NL) - all breeds
Mr. Vladimir Isakov (BY) - all breeds

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We thank all the helpers for their hard work. It certainly wouldn't have been possible without you! Thank you for spending your time and energy on this exhibition, according to each person's time, strength and possibilities. Thank you to everyone who came as an exhibitor or visitor. Thank you for your selfless donation to KRKA Hungary, thank you to all the sponsors for making it possible for 2,500 people to admire the cats of 10 different countries again!
Let's meet here in 2024!
Our next catshow:
9 - 10 december 2023, Budapest, Campona shopping center

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